Fall Family Pictures: Tips for What to Wear to a Fall Mini Session or Family Photo Session

Fall is such a popular time to have photos done. Family photos, #engagement, #maternity, seriously, everyone wants #fallpictures. Why would they not? Let's talk Psychology for a moment. Im a total nerd when it comes to the psychology of these things and how they elicit different emotional responses from the observer. When you create a fall mood board on #Pinterest, most of the images you will add to that board will inevitably be scenes of warm and cozy reading nooks, rainy days with hot chocolate in one hand and a good book or journaling supplies in the other with, fuzzy socks and oversized sweatshirts. All of these things are pleasing and elicit feelings of comfort. Comfy #sweaters, #fallbaking, #boots of all kinds, warm fires in the fire place or #bonfires in the fire pit outside, my personal favorite ... 'the smell of rain'... none of these things automatically bring up feelings of discomfort, but rather, warm, cozy and pleasing emotional responses from most people, individuals with traumatic fall experiences aside. Let's talk psychology of #color for a moment. The moderate temperatures of the fall season with comfortable daytime temps and chilly night time temperatures, are accompanied by falling leaves in many different shades of the warm colors on the color wheel. Psychologists attribute many of the warm and cozy feelings we experience in the fall like #comfort, #excitement, #cheerfulness, and #optimism to aspects of color therapy often used by psychologists who treat depression using warm different colors to elicit an emotional response. It's no wonder that having beautiful #fall #familypictures hanging on your walls, no matter what time of year it is, are to the preference of many photo clients!

The height of fall color season usually hits in most moderate climate regions of the US during the first week of October, and photographers books fill up fast for this time of year for families, pregnant mamas, engaged couples, newborns and high school seniors so if you're thinking of scheduling fall photos with your favorite photographer, I would definitely not wait.

Now to the bread and butter of this article! So you've decided to book fall photos with your favorite photographer. You've picked your date and paid your deposit, now you have to decide what to wear! When I advise my clients on what to wear for fall photos, I generally send them an individualized color palette that I pull from the location where we are planning their session. For example, below is a #fallcolorpalette from #SilverFallsStatePark in Salem, Oregon, two Octobers ago.

An Image of Silver Falls State Park in Salem Oregon in the Height of Fall with Foggy Green Trees and Beautiful Orange Foliage.
Fall Color Palette Inspiration

I always encourage clients to choose colors from a pallette like this one when dressing themselves. I encourage parents to dress in the darker or more neutral complimentary colors while littles i like to have in the bold, or vibrant colors, but NEVER all matching in the same color.

Im also often asked if patterned pieces are bad and the short and answer is yes and no. Shirts, dreses and jackets with patterns on them can be bad if everyone is wearing patterns, however i frequently try to include ONE patterned item, just sort of as an accent piece to all of the color blocking going on with the families outfits. G

While some families have an awesom fashion sense, i ofen find that clients love all inclusive services where the photographer suggests specific items and colors to wear for a shoot. In this case, i would ask general questions of the clients, mother, father, teenagers if they have them about what style they find themselves wearing a lot and go from there. Often times, i am able to find budget friendly options on #Amazon or #OldNavy that I can pull inspo images from and put together an outfit board for my clients.

Below is an example of a #falloutfitinspo board I put together for a small family shoot with a young daughter. I included a color palette with the outfits themselves a well as link to where I found the pieces so that clients can either use this as a general guideline of what to look for when shopping or purchase the exact outfits that I based my inspiration from if they are looking for a quick and easy, stress free set up.

The outfits in this #fallinspoboard were less than $100 for all of the pieces aside from shoes and dads pants because dad usually has shoes and pants already!

outfit and a man in boots and a jacket
Fall Outfit Inspo Mood Board Fall Color Palette

I never recycle outfit inspo boards and each inspo board is individually tailored to the personality of the family that im photographing.

Fall is always a super busy time of year for photographers, and its no secret as to why. So if you're thinking of getting on the books for an updated family photo session with your favorite photographer, don't wait. There are only a handful of weekends in the height of fall color season and photographers can only take on so many sessions during these weeks.

My photo Packages are all inclusive, this means I walk alongside my clients from the moment they express a desire to book with me, through to end end. I choose the location, take responsibility for keeping track of the weather and communicating with clients about any changes we might need to make, assist in coordination of outfits my job is not considered done until images have been delivered to the clients via online gallery. Even after clients gallery has been delivered I like to maintain a relationship with clients becaue my favorite thing in the world is getting to see clients famlies grow and epand throughout the years and being able to preserve that memory for them.

If you're interested in Booking a family, engagement, senior, newborn or other session in the Idaho Falls, Idaho Area during peak fall colors, I have a few available slots in October still. Fill out the contact form below to inquire about session availability in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Wyoming and Montana! I Can't wait to hear from you and create beautiful images with your family.

Fill out the contact form below and ill get back to you with 24 hours!

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