Steamy Couples Sessions : An Absolute Must for Keeping Your Relationship Spicy!

So, I am all for a classic and adorable #couplessession to announce your engagement but lets face it, your dynamic changes when you get married. You might still be that young, rambunctious, feisty, sexy couple you were when you got together but now you're that young, rambunctious, feisty, sexy couple, wearing sweatpants and an oversized UCLA football t shirt to do housework in.

I am a mom of two and I have been married for, nearing the four year mark. IT's really not that long, but I learned right off the very bat of marriage that, HOLY CRAP, things change fast. It's up to us as husbands and wives to keep things sexy through that honeymoon phase, the 7 year itch and long into our gray headed years.

This is why, I've encouraged every couple that comes to me with a wedding and engagement session inquiry, that they should ABSOLUTELY do a steamy couples session before their wedding! You don't have to do this as your engagement photos, but a lot of people are choosing to throw out the old school mentality of not seeing each other the morning of the wedding, and going for an all out smoke show couples session with very little clothing in private during the sunrise hours the day of their wedding and I am HERE...FOR...IT.

These are so easy to include in your wedding day photo package with your photographer for likely the cost of less than a mini session and you absolutely will not regret it.

Take my clients Andrew + Maddy for example. They're not married but they have a home and kids together and Maddy had this vision of having sexy pictures of her and Andrew taken to hang on the walls of their bedroom. Before the session I brainstormed for days about how I wanted to capture them.

I asked Maddy questions about the decor and vibe of her and Andrews bedroom and she told there is a lot of natural colored wood furniture and tons of house plants with lush, deep green colors and tones. She also noted that the colors in their bedroom were white walls with one black accent wall. So after taking her input and combining it with my brainstorming power, I came up with this mock tropical-waterfall setting idea that I brought to life at a lakeside location close to where I live that was a short drive away from where Andrew and Maddy were coming from as well and it turned out absolutely amazing!!

Here are a few shots from their session:

I make these sessions so comfortable and fun when I work with clients wanting to spice things up a bit. These sessions can be indoors, in home, out in a field, I have even done a few sessions with couples washing a jeep in swimwear.. that was a sudsy, sexy, amazing mess... Steamy couples sessions are designed to be unique to the couple and images from these sessions will never be shared without the permission of the couple to make sure that the intimacy of the images and the session stays in the possession of the couple!

If you're Interested in Booking a shoot like this get in touch with me today!

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